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Making friends

I’ve found it really hard to make friends in new places since college. In college, everyone was looking for some way to procrastinate and would strike up a conversation to do that, new classes with new classmates every semester, events, mixers; the entire experience facilitated meeting people. I have a handful of friends here in my new town of Cape Girardeau, but it’s hard work to find time when they have time off work at the same time as I do and we don’t have any unifying events that bring us together on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to use this handful of friends to find new ones, but that’s easier said than done. 

It was also difficult to find introductions in Tacoma. A huge part of that was that I was a volunteer with no money and no reliable transportation, making it hard to go out and make things happen. Now that I have a little more freedom in terms of transportation and finances, I’m looking forward to attending more events, joining more groups, and reaching out in new ways. I just haven’t figured out what those events, groups, and ways are just yet. Soon I’d like to join a gym, join the local arts council, and start having barbecues as soon as the weather gets nicer.

Any suggestions?


Employed and living in a new town for a while now. It’s been a whirlwind and oh so exciting. Some new event or problem has had the habit of popping up and stopping me from completing any projects lately, not to mention the midwest cold being a damper on absolutely everything. I have so many ideas in mind for the spring and summer, though. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.



I’ve been gathering up information and supplies for sewing for months now and am finally getting around to the actual sewing part! I’m surprised by my excitement about this. I decidedly avoided ever taking home ec. and was always slightly wary of wearing anything homemade by my mother. And yet here I am. I’ve made a couple of little things and am ready to start with the bigger projects now.

My mother has graciously gifted me a good deal of supplies to get started and I thought I’d inventory them via pictures. Above shows the large pieces of fabric that I took from my parents basement. I’m especially interested in finding something to do with the mustard-with-red-and-black-squares one. Continue reading


I’ve been reading the new years posts on all the blogs I subscribe to and the authors all seem to have had a great year. I suppose it would make sense for people who have successful blogs to have had a great year, otherwise they probably wouldn’t be blogging, would they? Personally, 2013 was my worst year to date and I’m glad it’s over. I’m going to commit to making my 2014 as different from the past year as possible.

I’ve been becoming depressed. I’m approaching the two month mark for being here. Yesterday I disabled the majority of my social media accounts and deleted the bookmarks in my browser for most sites that don’t relate to employment. That helped. I rewrote my resume and started on cover letters.  I’ve never actually had to write a cover letter, so I’m full of anxiety about that. Last week was my birthday, which has pushed me into crisis mode. Yikes. Hopefully this jump starts me again.

Show Me State

Before leaving the Evergreen State, I was reading a book called Garden State by Rick Moody that it was commandeered by my housemate Emma and probably forgotten and lost in my packing frenzy. Though not to be confused with the movie by the same name, both stories revolve around twenty-somethings that return to live with their families in Jersey. Being stuck in limbo whilst living with one’s parents as a twenty-something is a somewhat terrifying situation in which to be. This is where I find myself.

I’ve been in my parents home in Southeast Missouri since July 30th. At first, it was such a relief to be here, as by the end of my time at my previous job I was somewhat of a wreck. July 26th was the longest day of my life. I’m happy to help my family with publicity for their going out of business sale and clearing some space out in the house. But now, things are getting old and I’m getting antsy. I was hoping to have a serious job lead by now.

A long time problem of mine has been a fear to put myself out there. I’m always second guessing myself. Right now I’m seriously stressing about my resume. I need to just adjust it already and apply apply APPLY. I can’t wait to finally be able to move to Cape Girardeau and start a life with a real apartment and real gainful employment.




I’m a Midwesterner who, after attending an awesome liberal arts college, decided to join the Lutheran Volunteer Corps to suspend time before having to actually try my hand at adulthood. I was placed with L’Arche Tahoma Hope, a faith-based community of adults with developmental disabilities, in Tacoma, WA.

As my time as a full-time volunteer comes to an end, I’m doing the typical twenty-something thing and moving back to Missouri to spend some time with my parents for a spell while searching for a meaningful job in Cape Girardeau, MO. During this time, I’ll be aiding my parents in dismantling their pet store and preparing our house to be put on the market.

Also during this time, I hope to become more organized and pick up a variety of good habits and skills. This space is where I will start: with keeping a record of my progress in moving halfway across the country, finding a job that suits me, learning new things, exploring various interests, and keeping sane.



Very Optimistic and Not Particularly Ordered Objectives:

  • Become a better writer
  • Become more organized
  • Learn to Sew/Knit/Crotchet
  • Chronicle Daily Life (Moving/Projects/Artwork/Job Searching)
  • Become More Informed
  • Be Healthy
  • Explore
  • Quit being so curt